MPEG-2 Systems

Following is a list of licensors of patents included in the MPEG-2 Systems Patent Portfolio License. Any party that believes it has patents which are essential to the MPEG-2 Systems Standard, and wishes to participate in the MPEG-2 Systems Patent Portfolio License upon successful evaluation, is invited to submit them for evaluation and inclusion. Click here to obtain terms and procedures governing the patent submission process.

Alcatel Lucent

Cisco Technology, Inc.

GE Technology Development, Inc.

General Video, LLC

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Hitachi, Ltd.

JVCKENWOOD Corporation

Koninklijke Philips N.V.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.*

Sony Group Corporation

Thomson Licensing

*Terminated. For as long as they continue to be a Licensee, those Licensees who entered the MPEG-2 Systems Patent Portfolio License before a Licensor’s termination are covered under all MPEG-2 Systems Essential Patents that the terminated Licensor and its Affiliates presently or in the future has the right to license or sublicense, but coverage is not available to Licensees who enter the MPEG-2 Systems Patent Portfolio License after the Licensor’s termination date. Please see the addendum to the Attachment 1 (Click here) for specific termination dates.