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Q: What does the DASH Patent Portfolio License cover?
A: The DASH Patent Portfolio License provides coverage for the DASH Standard that is covered by Portfolio patents to the extent posted here.

Q: Who are the essential patent holders (“Licensors”) to the DASH Patent Portfolio License?
A: Click here.

Q: What are the obligations of the Licensors with regard to their essential DASH Essential patents?
A: Each Licensor is under an obligation to grant to MPEG LA a worldwide, nonexclusive license under all DASH Essential Patents that it and its Affiliates presently or in the future has the right to license or sublicense (without payment to any third party which is not an Affiliate), enabling MPEG LA to grant worldwide, nonexclusive sublicenses under terms of the DASH Patent Portfolio License.

Q: What is the effect on Licensees when new patents are added to the DASH Patent Portfolio License?
A: New Licensors and new patents are added at no additional cost during the current Term of the License.

Q: Are all DASH essential patents included?
A: No assurance is or can be made that the License includes every essential patent. The purpose of the License is to offer a convenient licensing alternative to everyone on the same terms and to include as much essential intellectual property as possible for their convenience. Participation in the License is voluntary on the part of essential patent holders, however.

Q: How may a patent holder become a Licensor to the DASH Patent Portfolio License?
A: Any party that believes it has patents which are essential to the DASH Standard, and wishes to participate in the DASH Patent Portfolio License upon successful evaluation, is invited to submit them for evaluation and inclusion. Click here to request a copy of the terms and procedures governing the patent submission process.

Q: How many licenses does a DASH user need? 
A: It is up to each user to determine its own licensing needs and how it wishes to meet them. The DASH Patent Portfolio License is provided for a user’s convenience in acquiring patent rights necessary for the DASH Standard from multiple essential patent holders in a single transaction as an alternative to negotiating separate license agreements. Users are free to negotiate directly with one or more Licensors for a separate license under one or more Essential Patents under independently negotiated terms, however. In addition, as discussed above, users who take MPEG LA’s license may have to negotiate licenses for essential patents that are not included. A license also may be necessary for other important patents (that are not essential to the DASH Standard).

Q: Have there been changes to the DASH Patent Portfolio License since its inception? 
A: Yes, in MPEG LA’s continuing commitment to be responsive to the needs of the marketplace, significant changes were recently made to the DASH Patent Portfolio License for the benefit of Licensees. Royalties for DASH Segments based on the Sale of DASH Initiators have been removed; the annual royalty cap has been reduced (from $30M) to $0 for 2015 and 2016, $2.5M for 2017 and 2018, and $5M for 2019 through 2022; and other changes have been made in consideration of​ these improvements. The royalty for DASH Clients, which is now payable from January 1, 2017 forward, remains US $0.05 per unit after the first 100,000 units each year. To obtain a copy of the revised License or view a summary, please click here.

Q: How is the DASH Patent Portfolio License organized? 
A: Click here for information.

Q: What are the royalties for the DASH Patent Portfolio License? 
A: Click here for information.

Q: What is the Term of the DASH Patent Portfolio License?
A: The initial term runs through December 31, 2022. The License is automatically renewed for successive five year periods for the useful life of any Portfolio Patent on reasonable terms and conditions (unless terminated under terms of the License) upon notice of renewal by the Licensing Administrator.

Q: Is there a limitation on the amount that royalties may increase at each renewal?
A: If royalties for specific license grants were to increase, they would not increase by more than 20% at each renewal.

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