Patent Users

MPEG LA makes technology utilization easy and affordable

Our goal is to make intellectual property easy to access. We save you time by connecting you with patent owners through one-stop access enabling mass market adoption. As an independent third-party, we create platforms that attract intellectual property rights enabling safe and affordable access for users.

Benefits for Patent Users

We help your company manage its intellectual property risk intelligently, without the costs that it took to do this in the past

  • Enabling technology to be more widely used by making it accessible to everyone
  • Saving time and money
  • Averting legal costs and concerns
  • We are your trusted partner

Yesterday’s pioneers – today’s world leaders

We developed the patent pool market space. Our business supports a large number of patent owners and users – creating an environment where all parties are more profitable.

Contact us today or review our patent programs in development to learn more about how MPEG LA patent licenses can work for you.