Turn your patents into profits

MPEG LA can introduce your patents to a larger market

We want to help you maximize the return on your patents. We are experts in packaging patents in order to identify their mass market innovation appeal, making it easier for manufacturers and users across the market to understand their value.

Benefits for Patent Holders

  • Maximize your profit by maximizing adoption
  • Reliable returns
  • Single source operation
  • Educational and consultative approach
  • Litigation strategies
  • History of success
  • Fair treatment
  • MPEG LA licensing programs undergo an annual SOC-1 audit benefiting MPEG LA’s Licensors
  • We are your trusted partner, handling marketing, legal, financial and technical management for you

Yesterday’s pioneers – today’s world leaders

We developed the patent pool market space. Our business supports a large number of patent owners and users – creating an environment where all parties are more profitable.

Contact us today or review our patent programs in development to learn more about how MPEG LA patent licenses can work for you.