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“Major CRISPR Patent-Holders Agree to Patent Pool” (TheScientist)

“Broad Institute Joins CRISPR Patent Pool Talks” (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News)

“Broad institute of MIT and Harvard joins discussions to create worldwide CRISPR-Cas9 licensing pool” (Broad Institute)

“The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Among Those Participating in MPEG LA’s CRISPR-Cas9 Joint Licensing Facilitation”

“Crispr Patent-Holders Move Toward Easing Access to Gene-Editing Technology” (The Wall Street Journal)

“Patent pools in the life sciences: a potential facilitator of CRISPR commercialization” (IAM Life Sciences 2017)
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“Biotech Patent Pools: CRISPR-Cas9” (Updated from a presentation made at BIO International 2017)

“Kristin Neuman to Speak About MPEG LA’s CRISPR Pool License at NewYorkBIO and AIPLA”

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“MPEG LA Initiative to Address CRISPR Licensing”