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VC-1 Licensors

Following is a list of licensors of patents included in the VC-1 Patent Portfolio License. Any party that believes it has patents which are essential to the VC-1 Standard, and wishes to participate in the VC-1 Patent Portfolio License upon successful evaluation, is invited to submit them for evaluation and inclusion. Click here to obtain terms and procedures governing the patent submission process.

AT&T Intellectual Property II, L.P.

Dolby International AB

Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Fujitsu Limited

Hitachi, Ltd.*

JVC KENWOOD Corporation

Koninklijke Philips N.V.*

LG Electronics Inc.

Microsoft Corporation

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

Orange SA*

Panasonic Corporation

Pantech Inc.*

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Sharp Corporation

Siemens AG

Sony Corporation

Sun Patent Trust

Telenor ASA*

Toshiba Corporation*

ZTE Corporation*

*Up to and through date of last patent expiration


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