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ATSC Licensees

Licensees and Affiliates in Good Standing*
  1. Adir International, LLC
  2. AmTRAN Video Corporation
  3. Antennas Direct, Inc
  4. Aptiv Services Deutschland GmbH
  5. Argosy Research Inc.
  6. Aurora Multimedia Corp.
  7. Axess Products Corp.
  8. Best Buy China Ltd as Trustee for Best Buy China, a trust created and organized under the laws of the People's Republic of China
  9. Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc.
  10. BrightSign, LLC
  11. Brunswick Corporation
  12. Cabletime Limited
  13. Centric Group LLC DBA Keefe Group
  14. China Hualu Group Co., Ltd.
  16. Circus World Displays Limited
  17. Cisco Systems, Inc.
  18. Contemporary Research Corporation
  19. Craig Electronics, Inc.
  20. CTL Corporation
  21. Curtis International Ltd.
  22. DEXATEK Technology Ltd.
  23. Digita Victor S.A. de C.V
  24. DPI, Inc.
  25. Enseo, Inc.
  26. equinux USA, Inc.
  27. Everex Electronics Ltd.
  28. Express LUCK Industrial Ltd.
  29. FUBA Automotive Electronics GmbH
  30. Fujitsu General Limited
  31. Funai (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  32. Funai Corporation, Inc.
  33. Funai Electric (H.K.) Ltd.
  34. Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
  35. Good Mind Innovation Co., Ltd
  36. Grass Valley Canada
  37. GreenWave Scientific, Inc. d/b/a Mohu
  38. Guangdong Changhong Electronics Co., Ltd.
  39. Guangxi China-Malaysia Kelly Digital Co., Ltd.
  40. Harmonic Inc.
  41. Hisense International Co., Ltd.
  42. Honeywell International Inc.
  43. Inca Networks Inc.
  44. Indoorcycling Group GmbH
  45. INKEL Corporation
  46. Innopia Technologies, Inc.
  47. Jasco Products, LLC
  48. JVC KENWOOD Corporation
  49. Lasonic Limited
  50. LG Electronics Canada Inc.
  51. LG Electronics Inc.
  52. LG Electronics Mexico S.A. de C.V.
  53. LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc.
  54. Makena Electronic (Shenzhen) Company Limited
  55. Mega Fame Electronics Co., Ltd.
  56. Michley Electronics, Inc.
  57. Motama GmbH
  58. Nanjing Sharp Electronics Co., Ltd.
  59. NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.
  60. Omniverse One World Television, Inc.
  61. Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company
  62. PDi Communication Systems, Inc.
  63. Peerless Industries, Inc.
  64. Pico Digital Inc.
  65. Pioneer Corporation
  66. Pioneer Electronics Technology, Inc.
  67. Planar Systems, Inc.
  68. Precor Incorporated
  69. Quatius Limited
  70. Sears Brands Management Corporation
  71. Seiki Corporation
  72. Séura, Inc.
  73. Sharp Corporation
  74. Sharp Electronica Mexico S.A. de C.V.
  75. Sharp Electronics Corporation
  76. Sharp Electronics Manufacturing Company of America Inc
  77. Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd.
  78. Sharp Manufacturing Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.
  79. Shenzhen Geniatech Inc., Ltd.
  80. Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric Co., Ltd.
  81. ShenZhen JunLan Electronic Ltd.
  82. Silo Digital Corporation
  83. Speler Electronics Limited
  84. Starlight Video Limited
  85. SUMEC North America, Inc.
  86. Tatung Company of America, Inc.
  87. TATUNG Technology Inc.
  88. TCL Overseas Marketing (Macao Commercial Offshore) Ltd
  89. Technogym SPA
  90. TELE System Communications Pte Ltd
  91. Tmax Digital Inc.
  92. Tongfang Global Ltd.
  93. Top Victory Investments Limited
  94. Topwave Corporation Limited
  95. Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C.
  96. Trexonic
  97. TTE Technology, Inc.
  98. ViewSonic Corporation
  99. Vision Tech America, Inc.
  100. Visionetics International
  101. Vizio, Inc.
  102. VOXX International Corp.
  103. VuPoint Solutions, Inc.
  104. WETEK D.O.O.
  105. World Electric (Thailand) Ltd.
  106. WSI Corporation
  107. Zenith Electronics LLC
  108. Zinwell Corporation
*Licensees current in their obligations with respect to products r​eported and covered under their License; companies listed above may produce some or no products which are licensed under their respective agreement and, therefore, no conclusion may be drawn from this list that any particular products they manufacture are licensed. If you have questions about License coverage, please contact


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