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We are the world’s leading packager of patent licenses for standards and other technology platforms used in consumer electronics, healthcare and energy

World's leader

  • Independent intellectual property rights management
  • Helping to make markets for intellectual property that maximize profits for intellectual property owners and make utilization of intellectual property affordable to manufacturers, consumers and other users

Independent and transparent

  • Our goal is to provide a service that brings all parties together so that technical innovations can be made widely available at a reasonable price
  • MPEG LA is examined annually in accordance with SSAE 16/SOC 1 Type 2 Examinations (formerly SAS 70 Type 2)

Our collaborative approach maximizes usage and profit for everyone

  • We bring expertise in identifying market demand and in consensus-building
  • We educate patent holders on the benefits of licensing to mass markets
  • We educate patent users on the benefits of using licensed intellectual property


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